Viagem para DIU

It is well said in Portuguese, “ Ilha De Calma Is Diu” which in English says, “ Island Of Calm Is Diu.” To justify the statement I would like to share my viagem para diu with you all.


It all started back in the month of November as me and my friends were done with the examinations. Luckily we all friends developed a great understanding between each other. Then comes the next step in the tale of friendship “A Tour”. As this was first trip with college buddies, the destination was predefined DIU ahhaa!!!!!! Don’t think much it’s not about the booze, but for fun indeed.

Finally in the first week of January,2016 we took off.

Diu Island famous as a tourist attraction located on the western coast of Indian territory in the Arabian sea. The whole island is connected by a bridge with Gujarat. From 8th to 13th century, Daman and Diu, which was a stronghold of Chowda Rajputs who were ousted by the Waghalas who in turn were expelled by the Muslims in 1330. The Muslim rule continued till 200 years and later on it was conquered by the Portuguese…

As of now, the city is one of the hundred Indian Cities competing in the national level competition to get funds under Modi’s flagship Smart Cities mission.

This place has plenty of places to visit in its territory. The most important thing I marked is the simplicity of this place. I will be discussing some of the very famous attractions of Diu with you all.

Diu Fort

The fort which was built by the Portuguese in 1539, with some additions in the year 1541. The fort is very well preserved by the management where you can see the fusion of the architecture and design in the walls of the fort. The scenic view from the ramparts having a superb array of cannons. The lighthouse which you can climb is Diu’s highest point, with a beam that reaches 32km.

Diu Museum

Near St. Paul’s Church is white-walled St. Thomas’s Church, a lovely, simple building with decaying walls. It now Houses the Diu Museum, with a collection of wooden Catholic saints going back to the 16th century and specially the creepy armless angels. Once a year, on All Saints Day (1st November), this is used for a packed out mass.


St. Paul’s Church

St, Paul’s Church is the wedding cake, founded by Jesuits in 1600 and then rebuilt in 1807. Its neoclassical facade is the most elaborate of any Portuguese church in India. Inside, it’s a great barn, with a small cloister next door, above which is a school.

pauls church

Gangeswar Temple

Located on the South coast 3km west of town, just past Fudam village, is a small coastal cave where five Shiva linga (phallic symbols) are washed by the waves. The most scenic way to approach it is by the good, virtually empty coastal road that starts from near sunset point.


Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach, om the south coast of the island 7km west of Diu town, is long, palm-fringed and safe for swimming. Its reasonably clean, but often very busy with splashing locals, including drunk men:foreign women receive a lot of unwanted attention.

Apart this there are many other beaches in Diu:

  • Ghoghla Beach
  • Gomptimata Beach
  • Sunset Point Beach
  • Jallandhar Beach
  • Chakratirth Beach

Naida Caves

It is believed that when the Portuguese ruled over Diu, they broke down sections of a huge rock formation that they used for construction of the Diu Fort. The Naida Caves are located just outside the city wall of the fort. This is how the caves got shape eventually. However, it is also studied that the caves were formed due to geological irregularities and processes over a significant amount of time. It is locally said that in the 20th century, when the Portuguese were adamant about not leaving Diu, and operation Vijay was launched to seize control by the Indian Army, several soldiers were stationed at the Naida caves. These caves have a natural opening that allows sunlight to enter the caves, making it all the more photogenic.

naida caves

Sunset Point/ INS Khukri Memorial

INS Khukri was a Frigate of the Indian Navy. During the Indo-Pak war in 1971, she sank 40 nautical miles off the coast of Diu taking down with her a crew of 18 officers and 176 sailors, when hit by 3 torpedos fired by the Pak Submarine HANGOR. This memorial was inaugurated on 15th December,1999.

Coincidently it happens to be the very famous sunset point in Diu just because of the scenic view from here, it feels like you are on the deck of a ship.

Not all, but here I have shared about some of the attractions of Diu which I visited. In all, Diu is very clean with a very decent population density. The temperature is moderate during all the seasons with pleasant breeze across the shores.

Note: If you want to have a cheap stay then I won’t recommend you the beaches nearby shores.

I myself enjoyed a lot here. Taking back all the memories with us, we headed back to the base (college).

Do visit this place, it might become a stressbuster for you.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

The Splendid GOA

Every engineer in the country makes a pact to visit Goa once in their engineering career with their squad. In Hindi it is well said, “ Agar Goa ja rahe ho tum, Engineering dharm ka paalan kar rahe ho tum”.

Sounds funny!! But that’s the bitter truth for engineers. Some achieve this goal and some stay on planning……planning……planning and the four years are over. Means they never had a trip to Goa.

I was fortunate enough to visit such a beautiful place with my gang.



You all must be knowing about this beautiful place, it is a state in western India stretching its coastline in the Arabian sea. This place has a very long history prior to 1961 as a Portuguese colony. The very famous 17th century churches and its tropical spice plantation.

Pint-sized Goa is more than beaches and trance parties. A blend of Indian and Portuguese culture, sweetened with sun, sand, seafood and spirituality, No such place in the country exists like this.


Goa’s biggest advantage is undoubtedly its beaches. The coastline of these beaches extend from the northern peak of the state to the south most end of this divine beauty connecting the deep decent Arabian sea with the golden shores of this place. These beaches have developed their very own personalities and reputation since the hippie days of sixties. The extension starts from the backpacker Arambol, brasher Baga ; from the palm fringed sands of Palolem to hippie market bliss at Anjuna or laid back Mandrem. The beauty lies in the shores from the golden sands to the very famous five-star resorts, where the only footprints will be your own.


In this era the most important thing to be considered is the mental peace. If you are visiting Goa then this is the very right place where you can initiate. Winter’s in Goa, where yoga is the king. Travelers from across the globe visit here for the spiritual enlightenment during these days. This spiritual activity grows more bountiful every year. The sunrise t’ai chi sessions, reiki healing courses, meditation and all other forms of spiritual exploration are practiced here freely.



Goa stands in unique in India for its Portuguese colonial architecture and heritage. The Portuguese arrived in Goa in 1510, lured by the exotic East and the promise of lucrative spice routes. Their incredible mark still exists in the state’s architecture, whitewashed churches, colourful catholic ceremonies, mournful fado music, stunning cathedrals of Old Goa and gigantic forts .


The above mentioned is a brief of Goa and now I will be presenting you with the new Goa for which everyone dies to visit. The Goa we always see in the movies, the Goa which you all see in those album songs, the Goa which everyone dreams of is the North Goa. North Goa is the upper section of the state of Goa where all of these fantasies come true, whatever we have dreamt of….

The very famous Baga and the Calangute.

For majority visitors, usually cashed-up young Indian tourists from Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune plus Europeans on package holidays, these beaches of Goa are said to be the Party strip of the state, where raves and hippies have made way for modern night clubs. The Calangute market area and the main Baga road can get very busy sometimes but here you can ask anything -from a Thai massage to a Tattoo-. In the close proximity the beach is lined up with excellent selection of restaurant shacks with sunbeds, wifi and attentive services.

That was the required thing; we booked a beach resort right in the range of Baga beach. The soothing cool breeze from the shores hitting directly you where you can just appreciate the beauty and feel the calmness of this place.

The locals of the Goa are very polite, kind-hearted and helping in nature. Also they are coolest people I have ever met. The residents of Goa love their work, they enjoy their occupation. This is the place which can show you the exact meaning of “Do what you love, Love what you do.”

When in the evening the sun starts settling down the true colours of Goa are seen. The sunbeds on the beaches are replaced by table and chairs. The candles on the centre of table becomes the attraction and you sitting there makes you alive


The specialty of this place is, here you can find people of every age group but mentally they are young forever.  The majority of visitors are of the age group between 20-30 yrs, the youngsters. The couple beside you is deeply in love, the next beside you might be a newly married one or the one sitting far away from you might be an old couple continuing their lovely journey of romance from past 40 years. To our bad luck, we were the youngest and the single ones!!!!



As mentioned, during the season the place is crowded by the Americans, Europeans and my personal favorite Russians. The golden yellow heads with that fluency in their language but very polite, calm and down to earth in nature. It’s really fun talking to them, understanding them, spending some beautiful moments and learning about their place. This experience stands at a whole new different level.


Like other cities the days are as normal as other days but, when it comes to night the charm of the place increases exponentially. There is an essence of hotness in the air when it comes to the nightclubs. The teens the beauties in Black and Red, they add-up grace in the hotness of the surroundings. The head banging music, the aroma of whiskey, rum, scotch adds up in the air. There is some energy which charges you to the beats of the music there, like it’s the last time and you have to live in it.

Really Goa is mini Las Vegas of India. Trip to such places are always memorable. The type of people you meet there, you learn something from them and they learn something from you. That hangover, that place and most importantly your friends they teach you a lot many things. It has been a life changing moment for all seven who visited the place and to my surprise even after all such hangovers I remember not everything but almost everything for which I am grateful that I have seen real friends in them who care, respect (no they don’t), love and support each other in their good as well as worst times.

Summing up the overall experience of mine in Goa I will be visiting this place again and again and again. Being frank this is only the 30% of my experience. You must be wondering why the remaining 70% isn’t here.



Memorable CATC Jamnagar

One of the most memorable and my first ever experience of NCC during my college days was the CATC Jamnagar. Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) it is a basic training course provided by NCC (Ministry of Defence) to all the cadets who are part of NCC and are in the 2nd year of their course.

September,2015. I don’t remember the exact date. Crew Cut, Rucksack on the back, feet in DMS we headed for the camp at Army Cantonment Jamnagar . yes the word “Army Cantonment” gives the feeling of Yes sir!!!! No Sir!!!! Things.

The CATC course focuses on:

  1. Familiarizing the cadets with the army life.

2.Providing them knowledge of Weapons, Survival Techniques, Drill.

3. Creating awareness for health and society.

4.Motivating cadets to join Armed Forces.

5.Developing patriotism and love for the country in them.

The 10 day course started with reporting at the headquarters in Jamnagar. Briefing was done regarding the Do’s and Dont’s in the perimeter, as the area was highly confidential and restricted for trespassers. I was in the Charlie Coy of the Madras Regiment. Accommodation was in the Madras regiment itself and the training area was around a Km away in the Marathali regiment.

As per my experience I will discuss some of the course content with you guys here:

a) Map Reading

MR stands for Map Reading. It is defined as the art to understand the maps and help an individual during the movement in the jungle or in the enemy border lines by the help of Compass, Service Protector.

b) Field Craft and Battle Craft

In the army language it is usually termed as FC & BC. Under this section you will be taught regarding the use of sign languages during the War and Patrol (you are never audible in war). Also the types and techniques of file formation for a section are taught.


c) Drill

Drill is defined as the proper way to walk and talk. In our language we say “chal dhal ka sahi tarika”.

Here you are taught the proper Body Language, Communication Skills, Dressing and the overall Personality Development .


d) Quarter Guard

These are the main guards of a Unit/Battalion/Brigade/ Division. Quarter Guard is the main section where all the Confidential data of the unit, the awards and the remembrance of the war heroes is done.

The Quarter Guard consists of 6 guards , Guard Commander and the 2nd in-charge.

quarter guard


e) Weapon Training

As per the practical point of view this is the most important section during your exams for the B and C certificate. In WT you are taught the assembly and dismantling of the weapon. The other characteristics of the guns like the muzzle velocity, range, bore, weight are provided for the basic knowledge.

Many weapons are taught, I would like to mention some :

  • .22 Deluxe Rifle
  • 62mm SLR (Self Loading Rifle)
  • 62mm LMG (Light Machine Gun)
  • .20151008_170343

f) Firing

Here comes the most exciting section of the camp “Firing”. Cadets are given .22mm Deluxe Rifle for the target practice. The target is 25 yards away from the shooter, “shoot the bull and you win”. The selection for National Shooting Championships are also done from here for NCC cadets.

Note- No other organization provides you such a beautiful opportunity.

This was the overall course of the entire CATC camp. I and my unit, we enjoyed a lot. The camp taught me many new and interesting things. The bond between friends got stronger, new friends came into life, got some great instructors/guides. The personality of an army man is all along different and outstanding.

In different events we won many awards. My unit stood first in Drawing, Firing, Drill, Volleyball, Quarter Guard and no doubt Cultural Evening. The commanding officer was in shock after seeing the achievements of our unit and yes that was the proud moment for us.

With all the memories packed in heart, we left for our institute after the camp was over. These memories never fade away but everytime you think about it something new comes into your mind.

I would say, “Army stands all alone on that peak”

Beauty of Mt. Abu

March 2015, It was my first year in engineering and we friends decided to go somewhere. Lots of discussions, late night conference calls, abusing each other and finally the plan for Mount Abu showed up.

images (3)

Made a check list, bags packed, cash in wallet, sunglasses and set! I am ready to go…

Around 250 kms North from the very famous city Ahmedabad lies one of the  most beautiful, peaceful and tranquil hill station. Located near the Sirohi district, Mount Abu is the only oasis in the deserts of Rajasthan. It is well known for its rich culture and history in the Hindu Mythology as it is mentioned as the place where Sage Vashishtha retired.

Abu road is the nearest railway station to reach Mount Abu. While looking for a cab to reach hotel I saw crowd gathering at a place, I was wondering what is it? No doubt, it is the very famous “Abu ki Rabdi”. The cooling sensation, the soothing creamy delicacy and the sweet milky taste of Rabdi, I was refreshed. And yes if you guys come to this place don’t forget to have Rabdi whether you like it or not. A trip to Abu is incomplete without the taste of Rabdi.

Mount Abu is just 25 kms from the Abu Road station here you can easily get cabs to reach destination. As the vehicle rolls, a short film of Abu starts running you get to see the local people there. The vast unending Arvalli mountain range, the decent white clouds, the pleasant breeze which fills you with rejoice, the air in Abu has some magic which enhances the positive energy in you.

There are many places to visit in Abu which holds the history, beauty and serenity of this city all together.

  • Nakki Lake

The nakki lake is famous for the ancient story that this lake was dug out by gods to take shelter from the Demon Banskhali. There are many other myths it depends on you whether you believe it or not. Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were also immersed here which lead to the construction of the famous Gandhi Ghat.


  • Guru Shikhar

As the name suggests this is the hilltop of the whole Abu and the whole Arvalli mountain range. This place is termed sacred as, the temple of Guru Dattatreya lies here. The location holds a very good panoramic view for the phohtographers and tourists as well. But remember don’t forget to pack your food with you as the jouney is long and very less resources are available at the hilltop.

  • Dilwara Jain Temples

Located just 2.5km from Mt. Abu, the very famous evidence of our rich history awaits you. These temples were built between the 11th and 13th century. The main thing which makes us visit this place is the very beautiful use of the marble. The very beautiful designing, carving of the marble is worth a watch. The beautiful ornamental carving and the stone laying technique will impress you. The temple complex consists of 5 temples which are unique to the Jain culture in India namely Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pithalhar, Parshvanath and Mahavir Swami. The beauty of this temple is sure to leave you awestruck.

  • Sunset Point

The sunset view on Aravali Range is best viewed from Sunset Point. This is one of the most visited place for all the travellers. The sunset view here was even featured in the bollywood movie, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. The pleasant climate and the relaxing atmosphere around here would woo anyone.

  • Toad Rock

Toad Rock gets its name due to the presence of a naturally made stone sculpture resembling a tortoise. The scenic views of town and the nearby Aravali Ranges can be enjoyed from this location. Visitors can also trek their way to this hill and enjoy some really stunning panoramic views on the way. An ideal place for photographers and adventure enthusiasts, Toad Rock is a must visit for all nature lovers.


  • Mount Abu Bazaars

A trip to Mount Abu would be incomplete without shopping in its famous markets. These include, Government Handicraft Emporium, Kashmiri Cottage Emporium, Piccadilly Plaza and Khadi Bhandar. These markets are located nearby and are a colourful marketplace famous for its textiles, handicrafts, kashmiri shawls, handlooms, ayurvedic oils and many more.

With this many other attractions are there like, Achalgarh, Trevors Tank, Wildlife Sactuary, Brahmakumaris Spiritual University and Museum etc.

For planning a trip to such a beautiful place and enjoy the beauty completely you will be needing 3D/2N. Also you can find hotels and food at very inexepesive rates so it does not burn a hole in your wallet. The people here are very charming, beautiful and ready to help.

To have the best experience of this place and to witness the beauty of Abu at its peak go in winters.

Do visit this place atleast once in your lifetime, Like I did!! Surely you will comeback again!!!!!


Body Language

cropped-s.jpgHello Everyone,

First of all I would like to apologize as I was busy for such a long time and secondly I would like to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

Today, I would like to cover an important topic which majority of people lack in their life and also this factor plays a very crucial role in your daily life.

Lets just start with some examples,

  1. I was very good with science and its practical applications during my schooldays but my science teacher didn’t select me for the Annual Science Fair. Why?
  2. I was very good with my technical skills and also good with my non-tech, even though I was not selected after the personal interview. Why?
  3. I was very good with my interpersonal skills but then too no one wanted to be a friend of mine. Why?
  4. Having a degree from a reputed institution, a good job then too rejected by a girl. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…..Why?

body 6

Note: The above mentioned examples are an art of fiction any resemblance found is just a co-incidence!!!!

These are the questions which generally appear in our mind after finding ourselves in such situations. In this vast population of the globe only less than 20% of people are able to figure out why the HELL.. is this happening and out of these 20% only 40% are able to solve the problem in them.

Na Na there’s no need to get offended you don’t have any problem in yourself folks its just you are not aware.

Today in this 2nd blog of mine I will be here discussing and mentioning some tips and tricks to understand and hack…..



-“it takes only five minutes to understand and judge a person without letting him speak”.

The above mentioned quote was not famous, but now it is as you all are reading this. The quote is framed by me and if you observe it contains a huge meaning inside it. Some might be wondering how is it even possible to know someone without letting him speak. Today I’ll tell you how to do this and why this is important.

What is Body Language?

Body language the term itself says the language presented by our body . It is defined as the non-verbal communication that relies on our body movements such as facial expressions, gestures and postures presented by our body to convey messages. The user doesn’t know what he/ she is doing but wrong body language conveys a lot of negative effects on the person in front of us.

The communication is basically defined as verbal and non-verbal where the non-verbal part is the body language. Without even speaking your body conveys 65% of the messages and only 35% verbal communication is used.


The above mentioned non-verbal part can be divided into various categories:

  1. Facial Expression
  2. Tone of Voice
  3. Movement
  4. Appearance
  5. Eye Contact, etc.

Lets discuss all of them one by one,

01. Facial Expression

No obviously not! I’m not here talking about the looks . It is the expression you add on your face while you are communicating . for eg. Opening your eyes wide open gives the expression of surprise, closing your eyes slightly and shrugging your shoulder gives the expression of doubt.

02. Tone of Voice

Here the voice tone you are using plays an important role. Voice Modulation is the term relatable to tone of voice. You might have came across many people in your career who are very good with their content, who are having a very rich knowledge in their respective field but when it comes to presentation of the topic they fail no one even bothers to listen to them and on the very other hand there are people who are having quiet decent content but they are able to deliver their message, they are able to hold the audience to the rhythm.

Modulation is the art of applying weight on the words coming out from your mouth at proper time with proper content. We have seen many great speakers who sometimes raise their voice and also they lower their tone when needed. Yes! That is the art I am talking about .

03. Movement

In military language it is said “chal dhal ka tarika. Yes that is what I am referring to chal means the way you walk, dhal means the way your body behaves.

Your body movements play a very important role, for eg. When you walk you shouldn’t tap your shoes on the floor.

Your body should be straight and your eyes focusing 10 meters front of you, not towards your toes.

While you are on a chair in interviews there is no need for excessive movements.

The structure of your body should be slouch.


Always be careful while using your hand on others, what I mean is be careful while pointing on others whether you wish to point out on someone or you wish to suppress them. There lies a very thin line of difference between above mentioned two points.

So, people better you start taking care of your body movements.

04. Appearance

Okay, now we are talking about looks. Some say looks doesn’t matter but my fellow friends somewhere it matters. Your dressing and grooming matters. Some simple tricks I would like to share all of these are very basic and we all have read all of these habits in our childhood.

  1. Wear clean and well ironed clothes.
  2. Polish your shoes.
  3. Maintain your body i.e. a good haircut, trimmed nails, trimmed moustache and beard (most preferably clean shaved)
  4. Use a good Perfume/Deodorant.


All these points might look childish to you but mind it, start following these rules or I don’t want you guys regretting before the interview and remembering me. Hahahahahaha……

05. Eye Contact

During all the phases of your life try to maintain the eye contact with the person you meet. Whether it be a HR manager in interview or when you are approaching a new girl/boy.

Keeping a good eye contact shows the confidence in the yourself also it shows that you are ready for whatever is coming in front of you. But also excessive eye contact should be avoided the person in front of you might get uncomfortable.


Tip: Usually some of us are shy in looking directly into the eyes of someone, just do one thing, try to figure out the colour of the eye of the person in front of you. Surprisingly your job will be done.

These are only some of the things which I have mentioned the topic I covered here is very vast in content I am also learning and I hope you too do the same.

I hope my second blog will be helpful to you people. If you wish something new in the blog list please mention your topics. If you have any queries feel free to ask.

Do like comment and share the blog as much as possible. THANK YOU!!!!

Why I started blogging!!

This isn’t the post what I planned for as per my blog says its been made for something related to travelling. Exactly, I was planning to share my first travelling experience. But then this thing clicked into my mind, “what made me to write all such stuff on my blog?”

And here I am with the answer to Why I started blogging!!!

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth

Over the course of my life somewhere around past 11 years when my mind started to admire this beautiful Human race, these beautiful lands and the vast blue oceans.

I started to think differently, I started to dig deeper and deeper in everything.

The last memory of myself as a kid , ” I remember a boy who wanted to do everything, who wanted to learn everything, the boy who took life as a challenge from nature.”

And Yeah!!! I’m playing very well in this game.

I’ve embraced a number of different hobbies: drawing , painting, music, even I play instruments. Also with this I am a sportsperson I play volleyball, judo and other games too.

Even after that some part was missing and I was unable to figure it out. So, I started experimenting things . YES!! experimenting.

I started to maintain a personal diary and yes its a very good habit I would recommend it to all( It helps you in many ways). Initially it went very well but later due to my busy schedule I was unable to continue and my love for writing diminished.

Later I started to write poems and shayari’s as I myself do admire Hindi language so I started to write in hindi. Even this too went well but when opted for science again the love for writing diminished.

I joined college, made friends there. Believe me you are very lucky if you have a circle of friends with same interests. Here I developed my new interest which is travelling .

Since three years I have been travelling to different parts of country and surely I will be stretching my limits. And then I found that missing part which I was looking for, in my life all these years. After all these years the josh is as always high to go anywhere. I will be sharing all of my journey experiences here with you (not now).

I thought to pen down all of these experiences of mine in a diary, I bought one.

WIN_20170921_11_12_57_ProI don’t know from where but the idea of blogging came into my mind and here I am in front of you..

Actually there are many benefits of blogging which I would like to mention here:

1. It’s your new resume

2. Network with new people

3. Turn messy ideas into neat ones

4. Juice up your writing skills

5. Produce more, consume less on media

There are many benefits too I have mentioned some of them for other you can google it or IF YOU NEED IT COMMENT ANY TOPICS I WOULD SURELY PROVIDE SOMETHING HELPFUL RELATED TO YOU QUESTION IN MY NEXT BLOG.

Talking about my blog I will be posting my travelling experiences and also some important things which will be very helpful to you all. If you want content on any specific topic please do comment will surely look into it.

Folks, I hope you liked it. Do like, comment, and share so that we can grow.

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